AR15 Coupling Pistol Magazine VIEW 10/10 CROSS MAG® in .223/.556 – AVAILABLE NOW!
Cross Coupling Pistol COMING SOON 10/10 CROSS MAG® in .308 - COMING SOON!
Cross Coupling Pistol COMING SOON 10/10 CROSS MAG® in 7.62x39 - COMING SOON!
Cross Industries AR15 Pistol Magazine

10/10 CROSS MAG®

Enjoy your Cross Mag by itself, or in any of 4 unique coupling configurations in seconds, without the need for additional parts or special tools.

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Cross Cross Industries Ltd.

Cross Industries combines old world craftsmanship and new world technology in our state of the art factory where the 10/10 Cross Mag ® was born. These unique coupling magazines are an innovative solution to 10 round magazine restrictions for ban states and magazine capacity restricted countries. Return More Fire ® with Cross Industries.

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